Eat and Live Well!

We all agree that what we eat plays an important part in our health, but so do our way of life, our level of physical activity, our sleep, our stress levels, etc. Europe’s food and drink industry has long been at the forefront of recommendations for balanced diets and healthy lifestyles. In order to support them, FoodDrinkEurope has compiled over 150 case studies from members, individual companies, national and sector federations; together these examples form the Eat and Live Well website, launched last October.

In its 3 months of existence, the website has already proven quite popular and generated a good number of views. It is also used as a reference to show the progress made by companies to meet their commitments. 5 categories of actions are listed in the website, namely Formulation & innovation; Research; Consumer information; Responsible marketing & advertising; Promoting healthy lifestyles. Each of them presents a series of initiatives taken by the food and drink sector, and they are supported by a commitment to report regularly about the progress made. Check out the website, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, where regular examples and updates are presented!