Balanced Diets and Healthy Lifestyles - Food and Drink Industry Initiatives

On the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of the EU Platform for Action on Diet, Physical Activity and Health, FoodDrinkEurope published its new Balanced Diets and Healthy Lifestyles brochure, highlighting an impressive series of initiatives put in place by the food and drink industry to promote and encourage all of us to adopt more balanced diets and live healthier lifestyles.

This brochure features a substantial overview of examples of best practices and original initiatives which have been implemented by individual companies, European sector associations and national federations in order to enhance the formulation of their products; to innovate and offer more choice to consumers; to encourage research to support this innovation; to increase and promote consumer information; to contribute to responsible marketing and advertising, in particular to children, and generally to insist on the importance of healthy lifestyles. The brochure will feature in several conferences and has already been circulated to all relevant groups.

Click here to view the brochure. Print copies are also available on request.