Joining forces for an actual change: Together for more #BalancedDiets

Alongside healthy and active lifestyles, balanced diets are essential to good health. Consumers would like to eat and live more healthily but do not always know how. Europe’s food and drink industry contributes to this goal but cannot do it alone. FoodDrinkEurope has understood that joint action is needed on this front and is willing to work together with governments and other stakeholders towards improving the diets of European consumers.

On the occasion of the European Business Summit, as part of a panel on “Sustainable Living: Foresights for 2050”, FoodDrinkEurope launched a Call for Action to help improve diets and promote good nutrition and health. In so doing, the organisation of Europe’s food and drink industry called upon all interested parties and stakeholders to join forces and look ahead to tackle together today’s societal challenges related to nutrition and health.

Working with European partners, for instance by optimising the nutritional composition of food, meals and diets, can help us achieve a 10% reduction of the overall calorie intake of European consumers by 2020 and create new opportunities for business and society.

Dialogue, synergies, a coordinated approach and a more positive communication to consumers can only help reinforce all partners’ efforts. The food industry is committed to work, amongst others, on product formulation, innovation, choice and portion sizes, clear labelling and awareness raising to contribute to a more balanced diet, as illustrated in FoodDrinkEurope’s Eat & Live Well.

With our Call for Action we invite other stakeholders in civil society, such as food chain partners (e.g. farmers, retail, catering, bars and restaurants), public authorities, consumer groups and public health NGOs, to join us. 

We are convinced that a multi-stakeholder approach is the strongest, most successful and efficient way to work towards this EU-wide ambition. 

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D. Jacobs presenting the Call for Action at the European Business Summit