Single Market for Food

January 1st 2018, will mark the 25th anniversary of the European Single Market. Even those of us who were around beforehand have generally forgotten what it was like travelling, working, getting healthcare or living in another European country. While we take the Single Market for granted, it is when we meet an obstacle to business or private plans that we realise how much things have already changed. And yet, many obstacles remain to the free circulation of people, goods, capitals and services, the four basic principles on which the Single Market rests.
With this in mind, FoodDrinkEurope wishes to celebrate this special anniversary by highlighting achievements and remaining obstacles in the food and drink sector. Our Board has declared the topic a priority, considering that as long as the Single Market is not achieved, there will be obstacles to the full growth and employment potential of our industry, Europe’s leading manufacturing sector and employer.
Hubert Weber, President of FoodDrinkEurope, is on a path to promote the Single Market and call for its full achievement with policy-makers in the Commission, European Parliament and Member States. In parallel, our Secretariat will support this work with new initiatives to come as of early next year – stay tuned! National and sector associations will support the effort as part of their regular activities, and together we aim to remind our stakeholders that the Single Market is not only essential to the food and drink sector but that it is the only way to support actual economic growth and avoid re-nationalisation and protectionism.
We’ll be back in a few weeks with more info on how we intend to tackle this challenge!