More than Food”, a new online platform which brings together the key initiatives spearheaded by the food and drink sector to promote its core values all along the manufacturing process and showcase the industry’s work to improve consumer choice, health and sustainability. The platform serves as a gateway to 5 individual websites which present initiatives to support the industry’s main objectives:
• to be sustainable and implement circular economy wherever possible;
• to share with those who need it and have an active food donation policy;
• to promote the role of our Small & Medium Sized enterprises, who represent 99% of our sector throughout the EU;
• to promote balanced diets and healthy lifestyles for all our consumers;
• to help the same consumers make informed choices with the support of clear labelling.

A 6th website will soon be added, to highlight how food and drink companies implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The platform was first introduced to the public at FoodDrinkEurope’s Annual Event, where guests had the chance to explore the platform and
Check out how we’re #MoreThanFood - because it matters that we are.

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