FoodDrinkEurope welcomes the Estonian Presidency programme

On 1 July, Estonia will take the helm of the Presidency of the Council for the first time since joining the EU in 2004. We take this opportunity to thank the Maltese Presidency for their hard work and positive collaboration and welcome Estonia. The Presidency’s overarching theme will be to ensure that the EU remains united and decisive. Specifically for the food and drink sector, the Presidency has identified the following priorities which it intends to advance over the coming six-month period: protecting and promoting the EU's four freedoms – free movement of goods, persons, services and capital; creating new funding opportunities for companies; ensuring the right framework to provide services and start a business in the EU; advancing trade negotiations; modernising rules in order to promote labour mobility and ensure equal opportunities in the labour market; and securing a more sustainable environment. 

It is an ambitious programme and we, at FoodDrinkEurope, look forward to engaging actively with the Estonian Presidency on these priorities in order to ensure the sustained growth of Europe’s food and drink sector.