2017: A milestone year for the EU and for the European food law

2017 marks the 15th anniversary of European food law. It was 21 February 2002 when the EU General Food Law entered into force and Europe’s food and drink industry took stock of this milestone and the impact it has had on European food safety legislation by ensuring that Europe’s food is and remains the safest in the world. FoodDrinkEurope celebrated the progress achieved over that period of time, with a high-level event on Thursday 9 March in Brussels. With Ladislav Miko, Deputy Director General for Food Safety in DG SANTE delivering the keynote speech and Renate Sommer (MEP, EPP) and Hubert Deluyker (Scientific Adviser, EFSA) in the panel, a very interesting and engaging debate took place on what has been achieved, what has worked during those past 15 years and what could be done better in the future. 

This year also brings one more important anniversary: On 25 March 1957, the Treaty of Rome on the Functioning of the European Union was signed, leading to the creation of a common market. Sixty years later, FoodDrinkEurope took the opportunity to highlight the importance of a well-functioning Single Market to Europe’s food and drink industry, while celebrating the achievements of the EU.  


The panel speakers at the EU Food Law 15th anniversary event