European Technology Platform (ETP) ‘Food for Life’ renews vision & identity under new leadership team

Established back in 2005 under the management of FoodDrinkEurope, the ETP ‘Food for Life’ is an industry-led, public/private partnership encouraged by the European Commission, with the aim to drive forward innovation in the food and drink industry to the benefit of a sustainable society. This platform has undergone in 2015 a ‘rejuvenation’ process, steered by the FoodDrinkEurope Board. As a result, the ETP has now a new image, vision and structure, led by a Leadership Team composed of 15 well-established scientists of the European food arena, coming from both industry (including SMEs) and Academia, and chaired by Prof. Dr Gert W. Meijer, Deputy Head Corporate Regulatory and Scientific Affairs at Nestlé.

The new logo of the ETP was released very recently, symbolising the renewed identity and mission to continue promoting research and innovation in the food and drink sector.