Free online tool helps food companies fight fraud to protect consumers

Fraudsters will find it harder to infiltrate supply chains and profit from food fraud with the release of a new industry tool designed to help fight fraud and protect consumers. SSAFE and PwC say this free tool – developed by SSAFE in partnership with PwC, Wageningen University, VU University Amsterdam and food industry leaders around the world – will help food companies assess their food fraud vulnerabilities. 

Food fraud affects consumer confidence and is estimated to cost the global industry US$30 to $40 billion a year. “Recent food fraud incidents have increased the need to strengthen the food industry’s ability to detect and combat fraud across food supply chains,” says SSAFE Executive Director Quincy Lissaur. “As a non-profit organisation SSAFE believes protecting consumers is vital. By developing this free tool we hope to help strengthen companies’ internal controls while reducing opportunities to adulterate food for economic gain.”

SSAFE and PwC’s food fraud vulnerability assessment tool comes ahead of new food safety requirements introduced by the Consumer Goods Forum’s Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), as well as several regulatory authorities around the world.

SSAFE and PwC’s ‘Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment’ is freely available now for all food companies to download or online at