‘Ingredients for a Circular Economy’ for the food and drink industry

FoodDrinkEurope marked World Environment Day this year (5 June) with the launch of an online resource titled ‘Ingredients for a Circular Economy’. FoodDrinkEurope has produced this online resource presenting all the actions developed by its members to enhance a resource-efficient, circular economy in the food and drink industry. 

For the food and drink industry this means continuously improving efficiency in our use of resources such as water, energy and other raw materials needed for production and supply chain management. These efforts also need to boost jobs and growth while making a contribution to improving infrastructure and technology, through innovation, investment and collaboration with partners.

As part of a life-cycle approach, we focus our efforts on the three main stages of the food chain - from farm to fork. Taking this broad approach means we can identify every opportunity to improve practices and encourage others to do the same. The food and drink industry is striving to identify the causes of food waste and optimising practices to tackle these by working with partners.

Through the use of engaging infographics, FoodDrinkEurope showcases how its members work to achieve a more sustainable food chain both within their operations and across the food supply chain. We also present twelve recommendations that outline our goals, recognising the multi-level effort required for meaningful change. Through a number of initiatives we are re-framing the dialogue, raising awareness of the issues and the solution and altering attitudes amongst the public and the wider industry so we may all work towards more sustainable food supply chain.

Visit the microsite and explore the infographics in detail on: circulareconomy.fooddrinkeurope.eu.