The challenge of attracting new talents in the food and drink industry

Successfully recruiting new talents and managing an ageing workforce in the European food and drink industry are the themes of the toolbox report that FoodDrinkEurope launched together with EFFAT in Bratislava, during the Slovak Presidency of the EU.  The report is based on the compilation of 28 hands-on good practice examples and tools submitted by respective national affiliates and members of the European social partners.

The toolbox is also available as a living online platform available to employers, employees and interested parties to share initiatives and find inspiration on new innovative ways to address the bottlenecks in recruiting new staff when food and drink companies face an ageing workforce.

The report is the conclusion of a two year-long joint research project between EFFAT and FoodDrinkEurope, entitled “Bringing in new talent and managing an ageing workforce: two sides of the same coin – implementing good practices for a more attractive food and drink sector”.

With the financial support of the European Commission, the European social partners have joined forces to debate and tackle the obstacles to job creation in their sector. The project focused specifically on three different priorities: attracting new talents, managing an ageing workforce and improving the image of the sector.

The details of the project and best practice examples are available here where users can download material in different languages.